City Market Coffee Roasters has been a staple in the beautiful and historical City Market family since 1996.  We are commited to quality and love in every bean.  Like you, we care about where our products come from.  We strive to serve our community on a local and global scale.  We source all of our coffee through fair trade farms with missions of sustainability and ethical practices.

City Market Coffee is proud to be a part of the local community.  We would not exist without the support of so many loyal customers, inspiring business partners, city associations, and neighborhood committees.

We are a small-batch coffee roastery in Kansas City, MO, specializing in fantastic fresh crop specialty coffees from around the world.  The coffees are meticulously roasted to highlight the inherent nuances within each bean.

Roasting coffee is part art and part science.  We stay focused in method and creative in our approach.  Oh and love - there's lots and lots of love.  Our coffees are roasted in 7 pound batches, hand sorted before and after roasting, and hand-packaged in every bag.

We want to share our good coffee with you, and we hope you'll share it with your family and friends.  A little sharing goes a long way - and life is too short to not enjoy and share the fine parts of your day to day.